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That i changed my blog!

Not really “AGAIN?!” but yes again!

Ha! I’ve changed back to Blogger! Yippeeee!


RELINK ME  http://jug-head.blogspot.com/


Yes, Thank you! AWESOME!



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I wanna watch Transformers2! Got Shia Lebeouf & Megan Fox!


Today sucked, i totally wasted my whole day rotting at home. I could’ve done something more productive.

I srsly dont know how i got through today, it was all blurry, somehow like im half asleep. I was bored the whole day, nothing to do! My computer isnt working yet, the sound part, gotta ask aunt to come fix soon. & Bloody stupid DisneyChannelASIA, decides that this few days or weeks to be ” woohoo ” week/day. I cant even rewatch TSL,HM,WOWP. They keep playing those stupid movies like toy story, monster inc. and so on, which they’ve played for thousand times. I’d rather they play HSM1/2, i’ve watched it like a thousand times but i still dont get bored over it. Music, i guess. So, i think i spent my day playing RC, watching tv…

Oh ya, did i mention that i can watch Youtube videos from my phone clearly? like really clear? i’ve got this utube app that can lemme watch clearly and there’s SOUND. So, for now, i’ve been watching my videos on my phone. My iPod just keeps loading until half way and stops, retarded, and they take a long time to load. I mean, for some videos =.=

Okay, retarded post.

Now someone else has to die.

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Caught 2 movies today with Yili, Jovin, Yueli & Roujun.

Ghost of Girfriends Past,

The movie was okay-alright, i guess. At least there were funny parts. I think this movie worth more than a 2/5 stars rating given by 8 days. Ridiculous. I wouldn’t strongly recommend it though, it was alright.

Caught The Taking of Pelham 123 next,

Quite a good show. Although this movie is seriously full of “F”s. like every sentence. It’s a little too much, i’d say. But the movie was generally good, i liked it. Somewhat awesome!

I can’t wait to watch TRANSFORMERS & Drag me to hell next! Wooohs!


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Is it just me or does Scarlett Johansson looks like Marilyn Monroe?

Okay, maybe just the fact that Scarlett doesnt have a mole like Monroe does.

But just look at her,

dont you think they look alike? I mean, come on! They do look alike right? (At least in this 2 pictures)

At least, i think both are pretty…

Actually, i didnt mean to blog about this but the other post just have to wait for some other days. So, i just chose a random topic to talk about.

Anyway, lots of disney stars are starting their singing career, like Mitchel Musso, Selena Gomez. I’d rather they act more and sing less. Like probably just a few songs for the disney soundtrack album? Lol.

I think that’s all for tonight!


Life’s a climb…

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But the View is Great.

YEAH! I Finally watched it! I didnt watch online and waited until it was in movies! 3 cheers for me!

Went to watch Hannah Montana : The Movie with Xinyi at PS.
It was AWESOME! I like! The storyline and stuff was great! I dont know about those who dont like hannah montana and stuff but i enjoyed it. AWESOME (:

Hannah montana season 4 will start filming next year!

Anyway, PCD is here today for their concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium. cool stuff! I wanna go leeehhh… Sad, ended anyway.

Gonna sleep soon, im really tired now.

Good night (:

No music

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Aiya, com now still no sound, i mean internet. damn sian. Can’t watch any Youtube videos.
Stupid problem. i wanna reformat but the disc gone. i tried redownloading internet already but still cant =.=   DANG!

Anyway, i’ve been listening to David Cook’s song. Last time, all i ever heard from him was Always Be My Baby. I’ve never really heard his songs before and i didnt catch the last season of American Idol. Although i thought that David Archuleta would’ve won. But i’ve been listening to his song, mtv. Not bad actually.  Kinda like it.

I Wanna watch youtube videos, so many stuff waiting for me to watch but i cant. Stupid computer. ugh!

Oh! And i cant wait for HANNAH MONTANA : THE MOVIE. Yes, i do watch Hannah montana and those Disney Channel Shows. What? Its funny and entertaining! But i dont really watch on disney channel as much as i do anymore, they always replay same episodes again and again. Decided to watch on the internet, watch the latest episodes and sometimes when i feel like it, i will rewatch it on Disney channel again. Hehs!

And Disney channel A still havent start Sonny with a chance & Jonas yet. so slow. I think DCA will only premiere the show when the whole season is finished =.=

Anyway, tv! BYES!

Open the doors,

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and tell the world the truth.

Caught Angels and Demons after Chinese O levels.

Nothing to say much but i hope i did well, prays that i didnt write out of point! =/ But i dont know how much i can get though.

Anyway, Angels and Demons was good! I like those twists at the end. It was EGG-citing! xD

So, finally took the circle line from serangoon to Bishan, nothing new except that the train was a lot smaller? HA!

Okay, school, remedials starts…

Oh yeah, i still do tweet often okay, incase you didnt realise. LOL