Somehow i dialed my cell,

But I didn’t know I could get service in hell.

Whats with me and jumping? Im bouncy! LOL

I bounce when i walk, yes. And i do not know why though, everyone comments on how i walk. I mean, i keep bouncing up and down as i walk, its just my style of walking? Its like you having your own style of walking. Just like you can spot someone from far just by their swinging of hands action and how they walk right?

Chinese Os in 4 more days! Tomorrow will be a day of INTENSIVE chinese from 8 – 3 ! WOOHS! You just gotta love it, right? 😉

I really gotta work harder, i was just trying to do a BZBD and The problem with me is that i dont really read and analyze the question properly, leading to me going out of point. DANG! And when im in the rush, everything i write out is like crap. Totally no link whatsoever. Sucky works, i guess.


I really hope that i wont have to retake at the END OF YEAR. PLEASE! :/

And yes, i still cant listen to music when im surfing the web. But i guess it might actually be a good thing? not distracted by youtube whatsoever. I shall try to solve this stupid problem after next monday! Wheees (: Im listening on Itunes now.

I somehow wanna go to PCD concert, you know? I wanna go but i dont really wanna go. I think i’ll want to go to this year’s Singfest! WOOHS! PCD concert is on 4th June! So fast! =/ Bad timing.

Im so tired and im going to sleep early today so i have plenty of energy to do chinese tomorrow! I really hope i can do well, seriously ): I NEED TO! =/

After next Monday, im so gonna do my art already and get my interest for art back! Wheees! Cant wait to do art X:

Okay, stop!

I think i have Lachanophobia, its the fear of vegetables. LOL X=


When you sneeze, all your bodily functions momentarily stops, including your heart.

~ by junheng on May 28, 2009.

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