My internet’s sound DOESNT work and its PISSING ME OFF! ugh! damn irritating! i wanna watch videos also cannot!

When i on music from Itunes, it works(there’s sound) but when i use internet to go onto youtube, there’s no sound at all, but the video works fine. HOW, you tell me?!

Im using Google Chrome and i think it works really well. But today, it starts giving me problems.  No SOUND? i tried FF and IE also no sound from internet. But i can hear NUDGE from msn nicely. What’s wrong with this stupid sound problem! Wanted to watch video to relax awhile but make me more angry only. WHAT! =.=

Okay, dont wanna play computer alr. stupid technology! LOL X=

Off comp until tonight then try again. BYES!

~ by junheng on May 24, 2009.

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