No music

Aiya, com now still no sound, i mean internet. damn sian. Can’t watch any Youtube videos.
Stupid problem. i wanna reformat but the disc gone. i tried redownloading internet already but still cant =.=   DANG!

Anyway, i’ve been listening to David Cook’s song. Last time, all i ever heard from him was Always Be My Baby. I’ve never really heard his songs before and i didnt catch the last season of American Idol. Although i thought that David Archuleta would’ve won. But i’ve been listening to his song, mtv. Not bad actually.  Kinda like it.

I Wanna watch youtube videos, so many stuff waiting for me to watch but i cant. Stupid computer. ugh!

Oh! And i cant wait for HANNAH MONTANA : THE MOVIE. Yes, i do watch Hannah montana and those Disney Channel Shows. What? Its funny and entertaining! But i dont really watch on disney channel as much as i do anymore, they always replay same episodes again and again. Decided to watch on the internet, watch the latest episodes and sometimes when i feel like it, i will rewatch it on Disney channel again. Hehs!

And Disney channel A still havent start Sonny with a chance & Jonas yet. so slow. I think DCA will only premiere the show when the whole season is finished =.=

Anyway, tv! BYES!

~ by junheng on June 3, 2009.

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