I wanna watch Transformers2! Got Shia Lebeouf & Megan Fox!


Today sucked, i totally wasted my whole day rotting at home. I could’ve done something more productive.

I srsly dont know how i got through today, it was all blurry, somehow like im half asleep. I was bored the whole day, nothing to do! My computer isnt working yet, the sound part, gotta ask aunt to come fix soon. & Bloody stupid DisneyChannelASIA, decides that this few days or weeks to be ” woohoo ” week/day. I cant even rewatch TSL,HM,WOWP. They keep playing those stupid movies like toy story, monster inc. and so on, which they’ve played for thousand times. I’d rather they play HSM1/2, i’ve watched it like a thousand times but i still dont get bored over it. Music, i guess. So, i think i spent my day playing RC, watching tv…

Oh ya, did i mention that i can watch Youtube videos from my phone clearly? like really clear? i’ve got this utube app that can lemme watch clearly and there’s SOUND. So, for now, i’ve been watching my videos on my phone. My iPod just keeps loading until half way and stops, retarded, and they take a long time to load. I mean, for some videos =.=

Okay, retarded post.

~ by junheng on June 14, 2009.

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