I dont wanna be a

I know sucky quality but i cant find any other pictures already. 
Taken last year actually. LOL

Anyway, I totally forget what im going to blog about now. Dang! Whatever i wanna blog about is something really cool and totally funny but i seriously forgot. FORGET IT! Another boring post for you womanizers!

I’ve seriously been lacking out on art, I NEED MOTIVATION. NOW! I really dont know what im going to do with my art. im losing my feel for art and i dont like it.I wanna do well for it but I cant produce a single sheeeet of drawing now. I mean, how am i supposed to draw when i dont have the inspirations and when im tired? And i’m actually supposed to finish my whole coursework by next week when i totally need to redo (in my opinion) from the 1st board. I really wanna start from scratch and really produce something good instead of something like my last year’s art. I know i’ve been complaining about how sucky my N level art grades were and i expected more. Yes, i got a B3. I thought i’d at least get a 2? But now i really do know why, just now when i was having art, was roaming around in art room(again) and i took my last year’s coursework out and keep looking through. I really do like some of them but some boards were just useless. And so, i figured out that, I Dont even have a freaking 1st hand reference and that’s a seriously no-no for art coursework! And to think that i’ve actually thought that i’ve got 1st hand reference in my board. UGH! And the last board of mine(colour scheme) was just a waste of board. I remember that just on that day of submission, the very last hour or so, only then i started doing my last board. And yes, i anyhow colour and i just left out around half of the board empty but not empty, i covered up with redundant stuff and making my words bigger than usual just to fill space for the empty areas. Wells, i guess now i do realize that last year’s art was sucky. I have this urge to draw Ballerina again, this is what im talking bout’ feel! But no, im not gonna waste time on drawing something which has past and i can’t really see a link betw ballerina and mask. LOL. 
So anyway, i hope i’ll do a lot better in art this year!

Im always tired but you know, that’s just excuses. I could seriously push the blame onto the school for everything! Being tired because of School. Being annoyed, school. Being Busy, School… and so on. Its really easy to push the blame onto School! Why dont you try it? Every single problems you have, you can just simply blame the school…   

I know i just rant a whole chunk up there but at least this is a note for me know that i MUST do my art. 

BEING busy with,


~ by junheng on May 19, 2009.

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