Bounce Bounce,

Baby Bounce Back To Me.

iROCK (Incase you still dont know it!)

Woohs, i dont know why this random post all of a sudden. I dont have anything to write about but i just feel like blogging since the last post was a mess.  

Okay, so i just found a topic to write about and its ANTM! It just ended. Okay, pictures of them!

Let you see who i support okay?

SEE! She pretty or not? You tell me.. She’s the top 2 of ANTM Cycle 12! So pretty loe she!

Just look at the size of her eyes, I swear she has the biggest eyes i’ve ever seen!

Okay, apparently she was quite famous a few years back before she joined ANTM. She is usually called, “Creepy Chan” because of her NATURAL WIDE BIG EYES and her liking to blood. Yes, she loves blood a lot that most of her pictures she drew has “blood” on it. Go google her name or something and you’ll know. hahas! (:

So, lets just see pictures of her in ANTM!  

SURPRISE! NOT all her pictures are scary looking right? See, her wide big eyes so pretty! I like!

Her last picture on ANTM for Covergirl. Beautiful! (:

I dont know if you’ll agree with me on her big eyes not cause now when i see her, she looks perfectly normal to me already. Like see until normal already. BUT i do remember that when i first saw her, her big eyes definitely wow-ed me. It was humongous, i’d say.

So, yeah. I Liked her a lot better than Teyona, the winner of ANTM. 

Let me present you, ANTM!

Teyona. Nah, i dont really like her but i did expect her to win when Celia was eliminated.
She was consistently good for every episodes.. 

Her Winning shot with Tyra Banks.

I actually liked quite a few people from this cycle!

London and Fo! 

There, yay! A better post that before! 300 cheers for me!


~ by junheng on May 17, 2009.

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