The Best Damn Thing,

IS ME! Muahahahas!

Okay, so yesterday art, was playing with Nab’s mini laptop’s webcam and took around 100 over pictures! Cool! Hehs, i really didnt have the mood to draw and so i “cam-whore”. LOL 

Took with lotsa random people, all coming into take pictures. hahs! Im great! X=

Okay, so this is how my “smile w/o teeth” looks like, 

I know im cute! HAHAS! And yes, that’s the toilet roll thingy, art room what, can find any weird stuff. hahas! 

I dont need to act cute.

YAY! I got spookishly weird hands. Its long and it looks really weird?  Like those you see in the horror films just that its a really sexy/handsome/cute ghost that you’d fall in love with in the end.

LAST PICTURE (of this post)!

In Conclusion, im SEXY, handsome and cute! HA! TAKE THAT!


EgoOoOoOoOoOoOoO. LOL.

KIDDING About the whole thing! No seriously, im kidding! HAHAS!


Anyway, my dad helped me to stick my phone’s protector already! I mean, he went to the shop. Finally, no more irritating bubbles and having the need to cut that stupid piece which sticks out everytime. Now, its as good as new! YAY!


DID I tell you that i failed terribly for my Chinese’s Letter writing? I dont know my marks yet but Wei lao Shi said i failed really badly! She said i wrote out of point. SHIT! Letter also can write out of point, great job junheng! 

Great Job!

~ by junheng on May 14, 2009.

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