Good Girls Go Bad.

(I Make) Good Girls Go Bad.
Sung by Cobra Starship ft LEIGHTON MEESTER !!!!

Wonderful ehs? Leighton Meester’s gonna have an album of her own! Woooohs! 
Although i cant really see her singing but yeah! she sing well! (:
So cool, she sang with Cobra Starship. hehs, snakes on a plaaaaane. 

GG’s ending in 2 more episodes!
ANTM’s ending next week, A win, please?

Im so happy that tomorrow’s a SCHOOL HOLIDAY.  And im going out! sounds fun! Hehs (:


Happy Mother’s Day! Loves.

I still cant get over that LEIGHTON MEESTER sings really good in this song although i know that she’s gonna have her own album a month or 2 back. I keep replaying this song for like 10 times already! Wooooohs. I Like.

You’re just a big fat copycat. Go home let your mother slap!



~ by junheng on May 10, 2009.

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