Is he hot or what? LOL

I liked the movie, it didnt seem to be like any other body swapping movies that i’ve watched. In fact, this is a really good show compared to the others i’ve watched.  Catch it if you havent! Went over to Grand Cathay to watch with Xinyi. $6, oh boy! ((:

I bought my file and maaags.
Magazines, there’s Physics tomorrow, right?

I Hope i did well for my English paper 1, which i think its quite okay (: Paper 2 sucked. WHEEES! xDD

Oh ya, did i tell you i made full use of my Art time today? It’s really amazing! I managed to draw something in school which im going to put it as part of my coursework! I cant produce any drawing in art class and i did today. 3 cheers for me!
Psst, i havent touch art for like 2-3 weeks. amazing? Finally, im getting back on track! (:


~ by junheng on May 6, 2009.

One Response to “Ohmy,”

  1. Happy mothers day lolol

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