It’s alright,

It’s Ok. Not really…

Ashley Tisdale from her Its Alright, Its Ok mv. I LIKE (:

Oh ya, i found out that this guy actually looks like Annalynne McCord, from 90210.

See, i think he looks like loe, the eyes and the hair probably? He just looks like a male version of Annalynne.

And this is Annalynne McCord. I think she looks pretty? Like in the show? Although she looks like she’s on drugs when she’s crying(acting). LOL. Still i think she quite pretty la. xD

HEHEE, yay. Im watching 17 again with Xinyi later at Grand Cathay! Jasmine cant catch for days and OOPS, JASMINE, its until next week or even more. i just found out. ps. lolz…

SO HAPPY, Can see my *Bf*. KIDDING. Okay, I pasted lots of his sticker on my Calculator and whenever im outside having tuition, i wont dare to take out my calculator.. LOL… 1 side is ZacEfron and the other side is Ashley Tisdale! STICKER LEH, so cool. (nab gave me lots of it). hehehees (:

I WANNA WATCH HANDSOME SUIT ALSO LEH! Like so nice. i should always watch the movie when it just came out or else everyone else all watch already then cant find anyone to watch, damn sad one leh! Watch online, no feeling. LOL

Okay, i’d better go prepare now then go off already!

Oh ya, do check out Tisdale’s MV okay? Although i dont really like the mv’s plot. lol



~ by junheng on May 6, 2009.

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