When did we fall apart,

or did you lie from the start.

Dont try to tell me what to do.

Chinese Prelim? sucked. Last year’s CL prelim, i forgot to write “Zhu Ni :” for my Letter Writing, this year’s prelim, same thing happened! Shit. So careless. Ugh! BZBD was difficult too. unexpected, i still wrote that anyway. I wrote rubbish. LOL

Paper 2’s compre was difficult too. HIP HIP HOORAY! I THINK I can still be able to pass but obviously, it’ll just be border line. My Chinese havent been so bad. Its always a 3/2/1 during my sec 3 and below years. My Chinese has always been my best subject from Primary 1! Until Sec 3 when everything seems difficult. 4 and 5s came in, some even failed. Shitty shitty bang bang!

I had fun during LC, i know im wrong for quite afew question but im still feeling egg-cited cause there’s hols tmr.

English and SS on Monday! I suck at English, i know i got the top english language but that was just FAKE, tyco one, it doesnt count. So dont compare any shit with me. You better in English then you better loe, i dont even care since i’ve never seen myself as a top english man =.=

SS SUCKS! TEEEHEEEEES. SS always pull my Geography down. I like Geography cause of Rivers and Coasts. So fun, definitely not Natural Vegetations. SS sucks cause i needa memorise so many stuff. Siaaan.

Now, i dont even have any subject that i can call my STRONGEST one. All so lousy X=


LALALALA! I Watched Hotel For Dogs just now.

Mariah Carey says “BYEBYE”

~ by junheng on April 30, 2009.

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