This is the way you left me,

Im not pretending.


Hahas, having Chinese Prelim tomorrow. Sounds fun. I just feel like im taking another class test. Not feeling nervous at all. Sian. Im only afraid for my SS & English next Monday. My SS? Sucked. English? NOT okay. =.=
Lets just wish that everything goes well, i cant be that lucky every year.

I cant wait for TJ’s Choir concert! There’ll be filled with choir people again, i miss. WHEEEES! CANT WAIT! HEHEEES (:

Okay, i’d better go revise through my chinese if i wanna watch tv tonight (: I only have to revise my Gong Han format, i suck at that. Lets all pray that BZBD will be about teenagers doing bad stuff! X=

你那么爱她 – 李圣杰

~ by junheng on April 29, 2009.

One Response to “This is the way you left me,”

  1. u look like that boy in the left actually. i always get confuse when i see u two

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