SHINJUKU Incident! A great movie, i guess.

I really liked all fighting parts. FIERCE and really intense. Traumatizing too! And this isnt really a typical JackieChan movie. He …. in the end ( i dont wanna spoil it for you! ), but was informed even before movie. So wasn’t a biggie for us.

So, i’d really recommend you to catch the movie. Unless you’re not really into gang fights but i still think you’d probably like the show. So, just catch it! (:

SYF in 2 more days! Tomorrow will be having our “last” SYF practice before Wednesday! We Gotta DO IT MAN CAUSE WE CAN and we musnt Disappoint Mr Yong and other teachers and THE SENIORS OKAY! Don’t Disappoint me also, HEY Im the oldest student there okay! LOL! So, just DO OUR BEST! I believe we can do it and really get what we want! We Will, We CAN DO IT! 2 years once only, TREASURE IT so next year MELIZO, we also can proud proud go up stage and sing. I meant you guys. I’d be sitting at the audience seats looking at you guys proudly! ((:


Today, had French class! Cool huh! XD

O joko onlo goos os for os tho lostonor who fods ot fonno.

See! Now i speak French! Im so cool! French is really really easy to *loorn.

au revoir! (:

~ by junheng on April 13, 2009.

One Response to “Shinjuku”

  1. good luck for your syf! 🙂

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