All around me are familiar faces

Maybe someday you’d get to throw your flowers around.

Shit the hairdresser. Attire check yesterday was … I thought that i could pass but hell no! My fringe was long. and yes, my fringe have been irritating me for quite some time, always poking my eyes but it looked short. Mr S just brush my hair back to the front and tick my name and i asked if i really needed the haircut and he replied no, april’s fool joke (sarcastic tone). ….

The hairdresser anyhow cut my hair one loe! My fringe now uneven like hell. So ugly and shorrrrt. Then he somemore changed my fringe’s side parting. From right become left. I dont like! I’m gonna let it grow out and go back to where i cut my hair and cut back to the right side! Stupid hairdresser. UGH!

Anyway today caught,

Jonas Brothers 3D Concert! To be honest, this was the first 3D show i’ve watched. I’ve never watched Spy kids before, thats the first 3d show that i’ve heard of.

It was good! I sprayed water at nab when there were close ups of Jonas Bro and told her it was their Saliva. That was some Awesome 3d effects eh? xD

Today felt like an extra bonus Saturday for me to enjoy and relax.
What makes me happier is that there’s another Saturday tomorrow! HAHAHAHS! X=

~ by junheng on April 10, 2009.

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