I know i havent blog in days. Which is quite cool right? I’ve been coming online but i just dont blog cause i dont have any pictures or any topic to talk about. Not that i dont have anything to blog about, just that i dont feel that i have the need to blog. & I dont blog random stuff like i do last time, i’d blog everyday saying some random stuff which you wont even know about. So why bother blogging random stuff when you dont understand?

Anyway, Speech day rehearsal for Thurs and Friday was amazingly BORING. Thursday, asked us to assembly at 215 and they only started at around 3-5pm. No, they started earlier just that its got nothing to do with prize winners. =.= I’d rather slack in class… THERE’S no air-con somemore!
Friday was at least enjoyable. There’s aircon and seats and it didnt take that long. Went up to choir after rehearsal. Anyway, i got us singing our Hungarian song for our rehearsal on Friday. Hahas. X=

Saturday, took attendance for the prize thingy and went off to choir for warm ups and off to perform for Speech Day. After Choir’s performance, i had to run from the backstage to the front hall and enter in the hall and run up to the stage to collect my “prize” letter which is just a fake letter with nothing in it. Ran here and there. Took the real cert after the whole ceremony is over =.=

Homecoming yesterday wasnt that fun. Our class did soccer games. No one won the soccer ball or something. The last prize was sweets and lollipop, the second was some adidas soccer ball and the First was IPOD TOUCH! LOL. Cool shitzxxz? But no one won the adidas so no one won iPod. Hehs xD

Anyway, i didnt feel so hyper and energetic as compared to last year. This year was terrible(forme), i just slacked at our stall, doing nothing. Then after that, i walked around in parade square alone trying to use finish my coupons and trying to find people i know. Last year was great and fun! There were performance by Jasmine & XinYi at hall singing with their own bands. And i was walking around with Stuart, up and down and left and right. Hahas, so fun. Its always fun to hang out with them, all 4! (:

I’ve been taking taxi for days already! Shit. After Choir practice, with Stuart and yesterday.. Weather sucks yesterday. TOTALLY.

Anyway, i forgot to tell you that that(on top) was our banner for Homecoming. So cute and creative right? Hahas! Cool!

Gotta Blaaaast.

Cause you’re not a man, you’re just a Mannequin.
I wish you could feel, that my love is real.
You’re Not Sorry, Oh no,no,no.

~ by junheng on April 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “HELLO!”

  1. your twitter so emo these days so not you

  2. LOL! How come you can see my twitter? i cannot see my own twitter from WordPress. XD

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