When you start to doubt the truth.

Chinese prelim was good and bad. I dont know if i’ve written out of point for my paper 1, yes both letter writing and bao zhang bao dao. But i guess i didnt, if i knew i was writing out of point, i’d have changed it immediately but dont know what the teachers would think right?

Paper 2 was kind of hard for the cloze passage, words that’s weird looking. Hard! sheesh, i dont know how i’ll do for my prelims but i think i could get a pass at the very least?!
After Chinese prelim 1&2, need a break right?


PUSH! I like the movie, awesome! But i definitely think that most people will either dont get it or they dont like the movie. But of course, i liked the movie! So cool, although the bleeders looked damn irritating and disgusting. LOL! I like Camilla Belle’s superpower, so cool. I’d choose that if i had the choice. Its like Matt Parkman from Heroes just that the character in PUSH is definitely prettier and it looks cooler on her. LOL! X=

And Camilla Belle so pretty,


Dakota Fanning also quite pretty and cool. LOL!

Chinese Oral tomorrow and Choir. 2nd for Oral, then i think i’ll go home then back to school at 130 again . =/

* I keep playing with Facebook now, notes and stuff. so fun

~ by junheng on March 16, 2009.

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