To me, you’re perfect.

I know Christmas is over, isnt here yet. But still, watch this 2 minute video!

Its a scene from the movie, Love Actually.

Yes, the movie is old already but i guess some havent watched it yet, so there you go.

Its romantic right? Aww, so sweet. Best ” love you ” scene (:

To me, you are perfect.


Cute or what? Aww…
Im not gonna Raichu a love song, cause you asked for it.

Anyway, Chinese prelim tomorrow and im still not at the tiny wee bit ready for it. I dont even have my Chinese Electronic Dictionary. I can’t find anyone to borrow in this short time, i guess its either i use the book dic or i shall go get one later at popular. Rihanna singing now, can’t go.


I wanna watch 17 again, coming out on 16 April! LOL!

~ by junheng on March 15, 2009.

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