Broken inside.

Nobody’s home By  Avril Lavigne. Live & Acoustic!

It’s damn nice, the video’s. LIVE!

Oh, Friday 13th. I got good stuff instead of Negative stuff. great! for the 2 friday 13th, it was all good ((:

And i got the speech day invitation for the award thingy for guess which subject? ENGLISH! Amazing or what?! I know, kinda shocking right? I didnt even know that there’s this thing until now. So cool.But somehow lucky, i guess. My N level still got lousier than Prelim. Ridiculous. Okay, anyway, im happy. Yay! HEHS X=

Anyway, March holidays dont feel like holidays at all.

Monday and Tuesday got Chinese Prelim(Gosh!). Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday got Choir. Saturday got POA.

Thusday free only?! And there might be something that i’ve missed out.UGH! So, i’ll still be going back school like every other day, bored and tired.

Oh, i’ll be attending POA lessons tomorrow. WHAT!

Speech common test was kind of bad. I didnt really write it in a speech way.

And i shall end this post with a BANG!


~ by junheng on March 13, 2009.

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