This was Candid and i didnt know i’ve sheltered so many little kids at the back! Kinda thought so when i saw this picture. Cool huh! The Sun is hot, the kids are Sweating and there, i shared my umbrella with yellow kids!

TGIF! Choir was tiring and fun, 3 hours! Drew on Stuart’s hand. His hands look dirty after drawings were done. Creative and nice ones, im his Hand artist. I dont know why i like drawing on hands recently, yes i’ve heard about those things that they say that the more you draw on your hand, the earlier you’ll die. I dont believe though. What about Henna painting then? Anyway, everyone will die someday, just make full use of time and have fun and why restrict ourselves by thinking of deaaaath! Hehs, so have fun! (:

Did i tell you that i love my old phone? The Sony Ericsson W810i, its like a totally *NEW* phone to me! The buttons are so much nicer to press than the supposedly newer hp. I can listen to music and hear who’s calling me cause my *New* phone has some stupid problems which i cant hear anything from the speaker, like totally useless, can only feel the vibration =.=  I dont have to worry so much cause it’s an old phone and even if i drop on the floor, i wont feel any pain and old phone’s resistance is so much better than newer ones. =.=

Okay, i dont know if im going for POA tomorrow, im tired and i dont feel like going at all =.=  Going for Concert at night with Jasmine and Xinyi(i think) with Stuart and gang (separately) at VCH, not esplanade :/

Im still feeling EXHAUSTED, i just feel like sleeping the whole day. I need to rest!

Oh ya, I didnt get back my Report card which means bad results. Every year also like that but no PTM for me cause i’d ask Teacher to call my parents instead, Saturday my parents not free, Mum teaching piano alll the way till noon and night. Dad, work or probably not. Aiyah, my parents would rather them call than go there.

Anyway, I passed all my Chinese test and my lousiest mark of 50%(OMG! BAD). Art with a 33/50, its actually good and bad considering that i’ve been wasting space on my mounting board and just pasting useless sketches and without explaining and writing some comments on every artwork itself. But i drew quite a few already and i know i’ll not be using some but i just paste it for marking if not i’ll fail my art! Am happy that i passed, Nabilah got 37, She’s damn hardworking, did everything + extras somemore and her boards damn neat and organized. Mine totally sucked shit with me trying to waste space, i wrote like a 30cm “1 page” and paste it onto my board just before Mdm Sai marks my board. HAHHAS! X= Gotta buck up!
The rest of the subjects are just bullshit, i seriously need to buck up and study like now. But whenever i wanna study, i’ll feel tired and bored and computer seems such a distraction even when i have nothing to do online and i keep procrastinating. Sian

Peace Out, love.

~ by junheng on March 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Breathless,”

  1. I see moi name huahua

  2. I get 80% leh!! HAHA SO HAPPY

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