Check this out! HAHAS! I thought it was really funny. So now we all know why Chris Brown Hit Rihanna!

So, anyway my phone gone crazy during Chemistry lesson, was about to take picture but my phone suddenly got hot at the back and its not just hot hot, its hot hot hot. Around 80Degree Celcius. No. But just really hot, i thought by taking out the battery and leave it to cool awhile, the phone will regain its consiousness(ya! =.=). But no.

So, i can feel the vibration of my phone, someone sent me msg but i cant see or anything. Using my old phone i and i thought my old phone rocks so much better than this phone. LOUSY! =.=


Its like time travelling!

Have you ever wondered that if there’s this thing as “someone” living the you just few seconds ago?

Like, someone saying things that you just said half a second ago, a YOU living the life just a second/day/week/month/year ago? Somehow like time travelling.

Like, YOU reading this post again just that its not the now you, its the 1second ago you reading it!

Well, i thought that it could be really fun to imagine, although THIS might be happening right now.

Maybe, as im typing this, my history me is also typing this like now, now, now. Or, i might be living my future me.

Maybe, my last word of this post will be “BYE” and i’m living him instead of him living me!
I dont know if you get it or not. I’ll try to explain again.

The history me is living me, which is like the history me in 1 minute is actually writing this shit out.  OR
The future me is doing something which i could not think of and im living the life he live.

The History me is like a really fast shadow and maybe as i type and *backspace* this wrong letters, my history me is also erasing whatever i’ve tried to erase just now and continue to type this post.

And maybe the 5 minutes history me is actually thinking of how to express what i want to say into words and the 4 minutes history me is actually about to start writing and the 3 minutes history me is already writing about this post and so on.

Like, imagine im coughing now at 8pm21Minutes 56Seconds and now i coughed finish at 8pm 22minutes.
Then, i have a history of me at 8pm21Minutes 56 Seconds Coughing RIGHT NOW!

Its like a shadow(History) of me AND me living my own life in the future now!

Cool, maybe my future me in 5 minutes time is getting out from my computer room and going to get a drink!


~ by junheng on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “”

  1. what a funny video!
    by the way, good luck for your o level,

  2. LOL I watched it the day it came out already, he’s a funny guy!

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