I Blog With Pictures(1)

Peace yo! I’ve been drawing peace signs for about 2 days after i saw Lady Gaga has one in the mag! Cool shitzxzxz. Today was the most proportionate circle i’ve drawn, yesterday was quite okay but still today was better. Did you know that nobody can draw a perfect circle free hand, there’ll sure be some small little mistakes. So anyway, im not gonna draw this anymore. It still has some ink stains on my wrist but its not that visible, i guess. So there, Double piece on paper and wrist!

Anyway, had Chinese remedial all the way to 5pm, skipped 1.5hrs of choir, NO, i should say i’ve been studying all the way till 5pm. So anyway, choir ended at 530. Okay, now for a random pictures and topic.

I had this 2 cute little decorations on my school table until it was lost some time ago after i changed my seating place! LOL. Its free from buying popcorns in the movie. Taken by YL’s cam, nice!

This was supposed to be from the movie, ‘ Indiana Jones ‘. The carrot was some children’s day present when Sec 3. And the post it was made from someone really charming and his name is mirror. *blush*.

From ‘ Iron Man ‘. Slurpee from buying Slurpee @711.  Nice right? hahahahaas!

2 cute little figurines.

Oh ya, to the poeple whom i’ve been telling them that ” Lady gaga has a bow on her hair “, this is the picture. I think it’s super cool and really pretty!

Lady Gaga has a really nice blond hair but she’s a brunette actually. And look at the bow made from her hair, super nice and cute and who’d have thought that you could tie a bow with your hair!

Well, She’s actually not the trendsetter or the first one to tie bows on her head, but still, she made it famous than other celebs!  Look who tied a bow on their hair before too!

Paris Hilton! Gahs, it doesnt look nice on her X= It suits Gaga more. And i guess this picture was taken real long ago when PHilton still have her long hair! Hahas!

Hahas, alright im really tired.


Oh ya, do check my twitter status okay! I know its really random and no link but that’s supposed to be like *something just happen* and i TWEET, so its somehow random and i do tweet everyday although not often. Im still trying to find out about the Twitter is local SMS or international, most prb International. If its Local, i’ll tweet almost every minute of the day already! LOL!

~ by junheng on February 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Blog With Pictures(1)”

  1. you are so lame but l like the lady gaga picture..

  2. HEY! I’m actually Paris Hilton. I can buy everything cause i’m a freakin rich sexy hottie! I actually love Junheng, he’s damn hawt!
    Yeah, since you’re Xiaxue, I’m Paris Hilton then!

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