Im so bored with what i blog everyday, weather sucks(not this 2 days), boring school, stupid remedials, tired… … … … … … … … .. .. .. . . . .. . .. . . .. . . . . .. ..

That, for the next post, i’ll bring you pictures. Okay, from now on, if i ever do blog, i’ll post at least a picture! And that might just be an excuse for me to stop blogging for a period since i’ve not been taking pictures lately. So, i’ll try to maintain this blogging with picture thing yeah!

Anyway, i’m getting forgetful, At first, i thought i lost my O level Giro form and searched everywhere in my bag and table then decided to print during recess since its a NEED to hand in by tmr but the lady at the G.O asked me to come back after school and i ACTUALLY Forgot! Ohmeeeeee. Only when i reached home, i remember. i searched at my desk and found it, lucky me! Or else i’ll have to go back to school and get it again.So anyway people, do bring your GIRO form by tomorrow!

oh ya, i gotta start drawing my artist reference. BYE!

~ by junheng on February 24, 2009.

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