Oh yay.

I dont think my house have ever been this clean, OKAY, its always clean (right.) but its cleaner than usual and because i’ve got a maid, not mine but my cousin’s. They’ve went over to Taiwan after their EUROPE trip like a week ago, they left on Wednesday and coming back on Sunday. They brought so many stuff and they brought LV bag for my mum and my aunt and of course, they got themselves lots of branded goods and they’ve spent more than 10k there on a trip already(!), Envy them. TAKE THAT “MAMA” -.- LOL! So anyway, because their home is empty, they sent their dog and maid over here to stay for the time being until they’re back on Sunday. Hahas, now i got 2 dogs at home (:

So anyway, TGIF! There’s POA tomorrow but whatever. And i havent watch TV for the past 2 days, i think, been busy and there wasnt much to watch anyway. Been using Computer more.

And yay, i finally got a day from  around 3 till night to slack and just relax! Alrights, happy weekends.

~ by junheng on February 20, 2009.

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