“I want to be rich, i want lots of money.
I don’t care about clever, i dont care about funny.”

Woohs, this song’s stucked in my head for the whole day, i guess because its the last song i’ve heard for today during the journey to school on radio. And i kept singing this song over and over again. The song is great, all her songs are nice actually. Its not like some stupid song, lyrics are brainless and stupid. And i think P!NK and Katy Perry is another great singer too.

Oh ya, i like Lily Allen’s cover of Womanizer(Spears), actually i’ve discovered her only when i found out that she sang Womanizer too. So i guess, its like probably late last year?  although i like Spears too but i guess Allen sings it better. Hahas.

Oh ya, What’s wrong with the hot weather this few days? Its insanely hot. Im so glad that its Thursday, there’s no Choir practice tomorrow, I so need a break  thank god!

I can’t think of anything to blog right now, i just wanna SLACK and SLACK and SLACK although there’s Maths test tommorrow and i have to finish my homework before tomorrow or else i’ll get an egg on my report card. Dang, i’d better finish it now.

Hello Maths!

~ by junheng on February 19, 2009.

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