Extras SUCKS.

YAY! We’re all “SHAG TO THE MAX”, according to Yili, COOL!

Hahas, so funny the SMB. HEHS! And Strongly AGREEEEED!

Was complaining that school life has been boring and tiring and crazy! Test after test EVERYDAY, homework, remedials and whatever crazy stuff. Instead of making me study at home, i’m always taking a break from school work and just relax at home. Dang! There’s POA(i care?) and Physics test tomorrow. I’m kind of giving that, “UGH! i dont care already” attitude just because im Oh-So-Tired to study everyday. CCA and stuff. I Need an escape! & i got a strand of WHITE HAIR this year okay! OMG! SHOCKED! Let’s hope that i dont get ANYMORE, stupid white hair!

Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired everyday everyday everyday everyday! Same of things to do, test, homework, notes … … BORING, need some EXCITEMENT to life!

Anyway, i shared with classmates another quote, The Friends quote. HAHAHS! Its meaningful but sounds kinda sick? LOL! & its really true! (:

Friends Are Like Bras, They’re close to your heart and They’re there to Support you.

Agree? LOL

Oh ya, did i mention that there’s still ART to eat up a lot much more time? But at least i kind of like drawing? AND I dont mind drawing different ideas for hours, it could be fun actually! Its so much better than reading and writing some formulas, compo … … INSANE!

Okay, Byebye carefree school life, AND HELLO STRESS!

~ by junheng on February 18, 2009.

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