Its so, Avril !

Bloody hell, the weather is UNBEARABLE, HOT HOT HOT! Requested to on the aircon early in the morning, but JOHN didnt even on for us, then went down to ask another uncle to on. HOT LiKE HELL!

Had our Fire Drill, Waste Of Time! Sat on the hot field, Sun Shines, HOT, Bloody Hot! Seriously, insane, i’m sweating upside down and inside out and what more, we had to stand under the hot sun for like almost an hour! WTH! Whine and Whine and Whine, what’re they thinking?! LOL

Today is just a hot and tiring day! Skipped movie and came home after school, super tired alr, almost slept during geog. =.=

At least, we had air cons & at least it rained. LOL


~ by junheng on February 16, 2009.

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