I Think i need some Chill Pill & Happy Pill.

Ugh! I really have lots of things to say but somehow this isnt the right place. Sometimes, i wish that i could stop gossiping bout’ her, i’ve been talking about her for the past few days.  LOL but of course with different groups of friends who just wanna know the story. OBVIOUSLY, when i say my story, i’m always in the right BUT that’s just to see whether you believe it or not, everyone have different perspective towards things and when you’re in the wrong or at least when you know you’re SOMEHOW in the wrong first, you’d still FIGHT for yourself right, Would you just say, yes im in the wrong and i sincerely apologize, Not much people could do that, i guess, Including me!   =/

So, sometimes you should KNOW the whole story before saying anything out or accusing someone of what they didnt do.

Anyway, Letter didnt work for last week’s choir practice, Dad say he got “Scolded” by Ms Q. LOL! Not scold la, like just tell him Letter cannot! THEN now, i got demerit points (i guess!). DAAANG ): Should’ve got an MC instead. Hmms

I need YOGA.

~ by junheng on February 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Think i need some Chill Pill & Happy Pill.”

  1. lolz stop bitching start forgetting.

  2. Yeah, On The Way to forget. xDD

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