You know, you make me JUICY like you too now (:

IM SO JUICY now, thanks to you. You’re my SUNSHINE & my WATER! THANKYOU Many many, if not i wouldnt be so juicy now. Thank you much much! ((:

Okie dokey,

Watched it just now with Nab, Nice nice! (:

Oh ya, back to my JUICE!

If you never read her’s, you wont understand mine at all! LOL! And you should just put her link beside my link and start seeing which is first and second and so on if not i dont think you know what you’re reading. xD

// I thought i’d write about 10 sentences but i guess i wrote like  1220 words on this post already! So addicting and fun to keep writing! ExCITING!

Sometimes, there’s this side of me wanting to stop playing your CHILDISH stuff but another part of me wants me to DOWNGRADE to your level and act childish and play with you. Which should i choose?  Childish? Mature?

Okay, im just gonna write a little (:

Why you DELEAT Bev, Kris, SX & MY COMMENT! Wah lao, i write until so politely you still deleat! HOW CAN! I still XOXO you leh! See la, now i must write here for your readers to see already. So ma fan but nevermind (:

Anyway, im just gonna write everything in (i hope) 1 sentence i dont want everyone to read like as if its a COMPO like you. HAHHAS! (:
Firstly, im saying YOU’RE acting as if like Karma MEANS revenge, im not saying myself.

Secondly,(wah this one damn long i think more than 1 sentence alr ):  ) Okay okay, We’ll remember to fly back and find you BUT dont buy too much LV, COACH and whatever stuff you want to buy that you say in your blog okay, if not we no more food to eat, then we starve like now ): .
& i dont think i learnt “Noise pollution” in Physics. I think that’s in Chemistry, or did we even learn NOISE pollution? LOL!
& Im so sorry that i caused noise in class, I feel remorseful, i hope my classmates would understand and forgive me just like how LEONA LEWIS forgive me 😉
& I think you’re also kinda stalking me also? I didnt ever state your name in my WORDPRESS before until today, so you OBVIOUSLY can’t find my blog in the GOOGLE search engine.. So, i guess you’re stalking me instead of the other way round? OOOPS!   Okay okay, we know you have an *S*, like who can’t see it, SERIOUSLY!  This is also my blog what, i rant my small S on my blog also ma ((:

THIRDLY, Okay, you’re damn smart! Please, will you teach me some of my basics in some subjects like POA, i suck in that subject ):

And i believe this is how you spell FOURTHLY(not fourly),  OMG, you’re damn rich! you have 8k in your bank already! Im like damn poor, i just realised. Im a poor fellow.  Okay, remember your promise, throw 50 bucks notes onto my face when you earn your 10k okay! I’ll be waiting! (:

FIFTHLY, i dont think i ever said that people who dont study is stupid. OMG, this is the MOST INSULTING OF ALL, i tell you. YOU BETTER DONT ANYHOW PUT WORDS INTO MY MOUTH ! WHEN DID I EVER SAY THAT, I NEVER LOOK DOWN ON PEOPLE WHO NEVER STUDY LA! OMG, you piss me off with this sentence! BUT PLEASE, dont really piss onto me, its dirty incase you drink that every day! STOP DRINKING, it might be good for health but its DIRTY(TO ME, at least!)
& Okay, if i no job, i beg you to gimme one okay! I BEG YOU GIMME A JOB, Thanks (:

SIXTHLY, i got blog about you spending your own money meh? Its good that you spend your own money, i only know how to waste my parents money by spending on unnecessary stuff, i feel bad but i’ll repay them back when i start working, rmb my job ahs, my cutiepie! since you called me ” my dear “, i suppose you really like me a lot, STOP IT, im blushing already. *SHY*

& Okay, Im the only one that’s stupid in sec 5, sorry & i Clearly remember that you’re from NA last time. Hmms 😉

LASTLY, I didnt even write that and i swear, i tell you. HAHAS! Although im not interested in your last point but i have to agree everything your fan said. GO FAN! (:

And thanks for the picture although i think she looks really pretty and the picture speaks a thousand words better than my random pictures which speaks less than 10 words ): NICE PICTURE you got there, where you find one? tell me link leh, then we can share the pictures together but you dont tell anybody else or else everybody also copy then not fun already ):
I dont think im angry, frustrated, annoyed, maybe just pissed at the fifth para.

Im gonna reflect now!


And dont say my blog disgusting or whatever okay! cause right from the start i didnt point a gun on your head and ask you to read my blog. DID I? NO RIGHT, so you also have NO RIGHTS TO COMMENT on my blog, but Karma mama, you just did!

OH MAN, I think i just missed out that “SHOO IF YOU DON’T LIKE HOW I LIVE MY LIFE!”, im just so careless! Im sorry but i really like how you live your life, You totally rocked your own world, I ADMIRE YOU! You’re like so cooool, like XX(dont smile in your heart okay!)  Have fun with your life cause i know you’re SOOO over your past! ROCK YOUR WORLD MAN! GO GO GO! I SUPPORT YOU TILL THE END OF THE WORLD! JIA YOU! (:

And i seriously write until nice nice on your comment part then you go DISAPPROVE everyone’s comment. WHY you do that? i heartbreak already </3  Im ROFC (Rolling on floor Crying).

I think my previous sentence damn funny, im gonna repeat myself!


OMG, im so funny! XDD

But im gonna type what i type on my comment to you, those last 3 lines (but obviously im changing abit since i can’t remember what i write!)


I know you love me ( although you claim not to but i know you like me since you call me dear already! *SHY* )

I XOXO you, you should be happy! (:

I know that i said its just like a small part but im writing till my word count is like 1000 words already! SHIT, COMPO! hahas!

& i know i know, this post is childish! I have to downgrade myself to play with a small kid who hurls vulgarities EVERYWHERE and think she like cool mama already what. So, lets all squat down and play with this kiddo.

I really hope i didnt make any spelling mistakes or else she’ll correct me, QUOTED :

“If you’re close, you will know I like to spot others’ spelling mistake, paiseh lor I know it’s very bad. But, at least I’m not those who corrects you right on the spot to make you lose face right?”
OMG, you’re so kind to not tell me in face, tell me on msn or wherever okay, dont make me lose face just because of a spelling error that everyone makes okay!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for not throwing my face when i make spelling error! (:

* Continues standing up after squating for so long! *

~ by junheng on February 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “You know, you make me JUICY like you too now (:”

  1. sorry to burst the bubble but lol i believe that it’s delete, not deleat whoops. >_< Don’t waste your time on trivial matters like this. Concentrate on doing well for Os so that you wouldn’t be called stupid in the near future by some smarty pants lolol.

  2. HAHAS! Shiat! i’ve been spelling “DELEAT” for like so long alreadY! Dang!

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