*Sniff Sniff*

I’m Sick ):

//edited, since people only wanna see this part of the post, I SWEAR TO YOU, there’s nothing else about that KARMA MAMA in this post, the rest is all useless craps. Just concentrate on this part, its the MAIN COURSE you’ve been waiting for!


Yeah, I so believe in Karma too, but you’re using WAAAAY to often and you’re using it as if it’s a REVENGE word, so WRONG. You keep saying you’re out of the past but you know you’re Still SO living in the past, Just admit it. LOL! You can’t do anything to us and the only thing you could do is rant your ass off and keep saying KARMA KARMA KARMA. YOU KARMA MAMA.


& OH YA, Studying is stupid, YOU BETTER STOP STUDYING, READING AND JUST ROT YOUR ASS OFF AT HOME! & go work for MILLIONS of dollar and we’ve somehow counted for you, 11 YEARS (24hours CONTINUOSLY) with $10 per hour AND PROVIDED that you dont even spend any of this money. 11 years, 24hours continuously, $10 per hour without spending any cent, UNTIL THEN, you’ll earn 1 million.


~ by junheng on February 6, 2009.

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