Met Jasmine after Choir, rocks. LOL! So long since i’ve seen her, 1 month? Yeah, we’ll be meeting each other again soon! Muahhahhahahhahaas (:

Anyway, we band what also not your problem. Better than you, if you were here, we’d be a “BEN 10”. No, you can’t change to any flying monster but you have a BODY SLAM power which causes earthquake BUT not in the real world, it’s ONLY the cyber world, you Body Slammer! WOOOHS! (:
Yaay! Im going to sleep now, so happy. Tomorrow wake up and have another long day till 415, Im so happy… YEAH RIGHT =.=

So many funny things happening. NO sarcarsm. Funny Bunny Went To Catch A Fuzzy Wuzzy.

I’ve just lost in touch with the cyber world.

~ by junheng on February 4, 2009.

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