I’m Getting Over You.

SOS! I havent even take 5 pictures and let alone 50 pictures for Art. Toast. Tried to take pictures and buy stuff today but to no avail. Went Bugis with XY after hunting for stuff and went walking around, eat and stuff. HOMESWEETHOME. I need to go tomorrow BUT tomorrow classes end at 445. WOW! My first time having to end lessons that late. Shoot.

I SO need to finish art, its like im putting art as prior if not i’ll not be able to study for other subjects when the time comes, i dont wanna procrastinate for any subjects, ART especially, i dont wanna waste 1 month not doing other subjects and trying to chiong finish ART like last year. Thats why, im taking one step at a time, FAST. No dragging!

Okay, im going off to do some stuff, WHICH IS TOTALLY UNIMPORTANT, nothing to do with SCHOOL WORK. Its like watching TV, spending your time. WAH PIANG, I SAY AFTER CHINESE NEW YEAR, I STUDY! BUT WHAT ABOUT NOW! STILL WASTING TIME. I keep PROCRASTINATING…

Someone, remind me to finish all my homeworks, PLEASE. YUELI, Remind me to study in class! LOL! X=

~ by junheng on February 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “I’m Getting Over You.”


  2. LOL! Now then you saw the post. XDD

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