What a way to start my day with.

Damn Attire check in the morning, SURPRISEEEE! Just 2 days after Chinese New Year holiday, i’ve been having bad luck, kind of.

I smile when i came to school and during the process of chopping away my hair and frowned when i looked in the mirror after having my hair cut! DANG, it was Short! Actually, it’s not my shortest haircut in school. If only they’d give us a notice in advance. Now, i look like a small kid and i look RETARDED with short hair and THICK hair in the middle. Looks like i’ll look retarded for at least a month! Call me Retard and i’ll slap you with a raw fish on your face until you have a nickname, you BLOODY FACE! Okay, was just kidding =.=

Oh whatever, actually i dont really care about how i think of myself, i’d care more of what OTHERS think of. Its like, i can get used to myself in minutes, but do you?
And all the while, i was trying to keep myself optimistic thinking,
” This is the last year in Xinmin(I HOPE!), after this year i’ll be FREE! ”
” Hair will grow out *soon* ”
etc etc.

Anyway, Went PS and met XY, it was a SHORT meeting, just bought my stuff and i left since she was with her friend.

Dang! Meet her up some other day to catch up. LOL!


~ by junheng on January 29, 2009.

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