I gave you love, all you gave me was pretend.

You guys should probably listen to this song, NO! It’s not JUST Another *TAKE A BOW* Song. It has a deeper meaning than Rihanna’s.

Yes, i can’t put any songs onto WordPress, doesnt allow me. That’s why, im thinking about whether i should change back to Blogger but Blogger aint much fun, So whatever. SO FOR NOW, I’ll use WP & THE SONG I PUT ABOVE IS MY BLOG SONG, JUST LIKE HOW IT USED TO ON BLOGGER!

NOW, my CURRENT Blogsong is

Leona Lewis, Take A Bow.

Oh, remember to press play, it’s nice! I’ve been listening for days and not getting tired of it. HAHAS!

Oh ya, Today was somehow sucky sucky day. Kinda?

Everything just feels so wrong.

& The most suckiest part was during Choir, HORRIBLE! I meant me.
I went in late for choir, i needed lunch before choir, HUNGRY. Then went up late but was excused then didnt went for the warm ups and just sang Hungarian song straight. HAHAS! MY VOICE TOTALLY SUCKED. SO funny! XD

It was DEFINITELY THE WORST Choir practice, for my voice at least. It was downright DISGUSTING. Yes, i know what you’re thinking now, “GLAD THAT YOU KNOW!”. I thought my voice was somehow warmed up after singing during Art but hell no. Whatever! Everyone has their BAD DAYS right? & Mine happen to be my Bad Vocals. HEHS!

Then, i was feeling really moody. I’m having Severe moodswing man. Ask Mark. First day after CNY, and i already feel comatose. HEADACHE =.=

Until Stuart came and sit behind me and made my day again. Aww.

SERIOUSLY, i’ve missed those days where Marcus, Sherman, Leonard… … were there and have fun with me. HAHAS! Stupid PBoy! & I’m missing ELMOO, Xinyi, Jasmine & Stuart. Now that its just Stuart, the feeling aint the same anymore. Sadly.

So on a happier note, meeting Xinyi tomorrow after school! YAY! ((:

& She’s So JUICY! She’s a HOT TOPIC that everyone talks about. It makes me wanna LAUGH real hard cause my iPod is “Something- GODLY” . You should know if you get what i mean. HAHAS!

Magazines have been keeping me company for these few days. Whatever magazines, JUST BRING IT ON! So what if its Seventeen, Her world or whatever magazine that you read. I READ EVERYTHING that you read, MOSTLY! X=

Okay, tomorrow will be a better day! BYE!

~ by junheng on January 28, 2009.

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