Happy CNY!

“Stupid photo.”

Hmms, Msia. Boring in the afternoon, movies and TVs…

Played Mahjong! HAHAS! so funny, i dont know how to play, but i still played, anyhow play loe. At least now i know a little bit more right?

So, anyway, was playing firecrackers, i played a few more other than the one above which is totally not so fun just took pictures with it only. HAHHAS!

Anyway, i played the other more fun and flies up high to the sky firecracker! Hehs!

Hmms, only that night was the most fun, i guess.

Came back at around 2pm and off to visit relatives.
Now, I’m off to see what i can do with Art tomorrow, 2 hours. SO UN-COOL  ):

Laura not there already la, she dropped ART. LEAVE ME ALONE NOW LA! Grrs. LOL! No la, i still have other good friends, duh! But i always do art with her ma, then now, she gone! Grrs! LOL!


~ by junheng on January 27, 2009.

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