Pack Pack.

Caught Bride Wars at Cineleisure at around 350 today.  Yes, the movie was a little expected, somehow But i guess its kinda unexpecting in another way. =/ I’d rate it around 8/10 !

“Your Wedding Can SUCK IT.”

Anyway, went with Michelle & Nabilah. Bought my pair of slippers after Months. Havaianas, the old Brazil one. I just thought i’d settle with just a simple one since im a little rush cause i’ll be off to Msia by tomorrow morning! So, i got myself a Black one. HAHAS!

I’m almost done with packing! Woohs (: Its not like its any Nice clothes or anything. I think i’ll probably wear casual all day, 3/4. The weather there is Much Hotter than here but at night, it’ll be NICE! WOOHS! Every HAPPENING stuff happens at night huh! lol

So, i guess i’m leaving like REAL early?  Parents said leave at 3am! OMG! LOL! They say see how first. But i guess we’ll leave at around 6 -8 or something like that. Can’t be that early right? LOL! X=

So, i’ll just post a short note before i leave SG here! I hope! I’ll probably use iPod to blog instead of having the trouble to on and off the comp. But i wont guarantee you that i’ll blog! Im still not sure if my iPod can blog in WP not. LOL!



~ by junheng on January 24, 2009.

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