The Quiet Scares Me Cause It Screams The Truth.

I can’t wait for Hannah Montana : The Movie to come out. But it’ll only premiere at around June or July in SG which is like in the midst of my prelims/Os. Dang!

But still, i can’t wait for it to come out! Muahahhahas (:

I Slept through my yesterday after coming home from school, all the way till 8 and woke up, drank Milk then slept again, i was actually planning to feed hamsters then go bath but i just lied on the bed and continued sleeping till 11. Woke up, replied MSN then fed Hammies & BATH then slack awhile then sleep again =.=

CNY celebration was PINK ( Insert Song ).

Weather this few days was Avril Lavigne (Insert Song).

Oh ya, after CNY celebration, i came straight home. A Maths students still had lessons. blah blah blah. Went home.

Am going off to M’sia on Sunday morning! Yay! I’ve been going there for CNY almost every year! The night time there is so much nicer and more fun than SG. I Get to play Fireworks and see other families playing with their Fireworks which last all the way till morning! Seriously, those fireworks can BOMB BOMB BOMB from evening till morning and every house will be playing the Red Red Pao Zhu, that thing that Burst then have alot of red red paper fly down one and its damn loud that one. LOL!

& The Scenery at night is amazing! Stars Appearing every part of the sky. Thousands of Stars! Not like SG, sometimes not even 1 star can be seen at night. HAHAHS! X=

But the morning/afternoon seems boring. SLACK, nothing to do! Only can watch tv. Boring X=

FYI, its just a small Village, not like Johor or something.

~ by junheng on January 23, 2009.

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