AWAS, Junheng ahead.

I’m super dangerous today.

First, my eyes went red in the morning, contacts would only redden it more.

Secondly, when i was playing with Weekit in class with the CNY deco, we were using the long long thing to jump and I played with WK using one “skipping rope” , then 2 person playing 1 skipping rope, we were supposed to jump together but when we were about to jump, My head hit WeeKit’s Nose. DOWNRIGHT PAINFUL, him i mean. Mine was painful but OBVIOUSLY Mine wasnt as painful as his! Even when a stupid basketball/volleyball hit my nose, my head turned giddy and i start to get teary eyes! Like who wouldnt when something hits your nose downright hard!

& My head was pain, imagine that BANG that i made onto his nose! Sorry man! LOL!

Thirdly, i scratched Leonard’s arm with my pen. LOL!

Im super dangerous, today at least. Everything’s so wrong!

The only HAPPY news was that, MR Yong is going overseas and wont be able to come for Friday’s Choir Practice which means, THERE WONT BE CHOIR PRACTICE ON FRIDAY!
Damn happy la! Imagine that i have to stay AFTER the CNY Celebration! OMG! =.=

Happy Happy ME!

Alright, tomorrow will be a long day =.=

Sorry Weekit, again! Its the WORST hit he ever got in his face, he claims! Sorry! X=
Thinking bout that accident was damn funny actually! LOL!

~ by junheng on January 21, 2009.

One Response to “AWAS, Junheng ahead.”

  1. dots. think your blogger better lo. hahaha. you so lame leh. ask ppl go search on google. wth. sucker. hahaha.

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