I Think I

Wells, i might be putting this blog as public now. Not that it isnt private in the beginning, just change my whole Blogger to WordPress & only blog on WordPress instead of Blogger.

Wells, i might tell you the link later at night, or i might not!
Or you’ve somehow figured it out yourself, since i’ve seen my blog hits soar this few days.
If i ever tell you my link later at night, Heres to you,


Oh ya, this is to everyone that visits my blog.

Sometimes i might put a password on my post, if you ever know, Shut up! (:
& If you wanna tag on my blog, sorry there isnt any Tagboard here! But you can tag me ANYTHING, EVERYTHING on my posts, seriously, any random tag like ” Hi! ” or whatever. Just on top of my post, there’s my Post title And beside it there’s a “Comment”, PRESS! & Scroll to the bottom and start tagging! I dont mind any messages just like how random you were in my Blogger.

But when you first tag my blog, you might not see your tag coming up. DONT SPAM AHS! Wait until i Approve your Comment first! Cause, WP Only allow you tag like crazy after you’ve been approved of the first tag.

Like for example,

*This is my first time here on this Blog  & Im going to tag Junheng*,
Then, *WRITES “HELLO HANDSOME!” Onto the Comment Section*.
YES! This is your first time coming here and tag and thats why only after you tag for the first time and after i approve you, you will be able to tag without me needing to approve you the second and so on times.

Did i just made this whole Tagging thing complicated? OOPS!

So yeah, Tag whatever you want on my more recent post! Not on others, even if you tag on others, i’ll still go check yeah! Spammers are welcomed! HAHAS!


//edited @ 5:59pm, 17th Jan

So, i’ve decided to tell you huh!

Anyway, congrats for finding your way here anyhow! For now,


//Edited again!

Anyway, i’ve noticed that its only when you have a WORDPRESS acc and you use that to tag me then the subsequent tags will no need to be approved by me, it’ll just auto approve by itself.
Now, I just adjusted the settings, ANYONE Can tag whenever they want! Just tag w/o be approving them.

~ by junheng on January 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “I Think I”

  1. so bloody mafan. hello idiot.

    //Reply ;
    Who you? Nabilah? xD

  2. Yo jugheaaaaaaaad! Nice wordpress but the commenting part quite complicated. Lol. NEHMIND! HI HI HI! 😀

  3. HELLO YOU! xD

  4. who nabilah

  5. Hahas, nevermind. I was just guessing around since you didnt tell me who you were. hmms

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