I need my Weekly Dosage of MOVIES.

Ugh! I’ve not been watching movies lately… With PSA the past 3 days, It was Fun but really tiring.
& now, i want to watch lots of movies! & of course, i’m gonna study! Probably after Chinese New Year?

Speaking of Chinese New Year, Guess what?! I’ve gotta be in the Performance group, along with 8 other people. 7 person got chosen by a deck of cards, i mean just like somehow “Chou Qian” + Reuben + Nabilah. Hahas! Cool.  I’ve performed on stage during my Sec 1 year, it was really scary! Just before the CNY performance in the morning, Suddenly i was chosen to play a part with RyanT on the stage, It’s a seriously LAST MINUTE DECISION! But at least everything went well and everyone laughed when we’re saying ” GONG XI FA CAI “, even though i dont find anything funny then. HAHAHS! & i forgot which year was it that i was somehow in the CNY performance group again but didnt perform on stage this time. OH! I remember, it was Sec 3, when we bought the super spicy “I LOVE SINGAPORE” sweet and decided to throw to audience to SPICE UP THEIR CHINESE NEW YEAR! Oh, i’m not in the performing group anyway. I think im just part of the comm or smt =.=

& now, This year i’ll have to do it all over again! Sec 1,3 and now 5! I’m not really interested though. But still there’s a chance for us to Fail the Performance next week and so, we wont need to perform on the day itself. I Dont wanna perform! LOL! X=

So, I’ve gotta do my English Comprehension by tonight! Gonna do later & i’ll be watching American Idol(i never catch any American Idol before X:)

OH YA! I was saying Movies right?! LOL!

I’m so gonna catch these movies. GONNA HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON someday man!

CHANGELING (Hey, My Mama Jolie acted in it! How can i not support right?)
Rachel Getting Maried (ANNE HATHAWAY! But can’t watch, M18 =.= )
Passengers (Anne’s movie again! Yay! Can watch! PG! )
Bedtime Stories (Bloody hell, everyone watched already! I wanna watch ): )

& some Coming Soon Movies

Bride Wars (Anne!)
Confessions Of A Shopaholic (26 March 2009) [ Shit! When this movie come out, i’ll be preparing for my Prelims alr!]
Race To Witch Mountain (Looks nice!)
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (hmms.)
& maybe Pink Panther2 ? I never watch the 1st one leh… =/

Anyway, YES! i’ve got so many movies i wanna watch! Somemore this year Os. Gonna Manage my time properly so that i can have fun and study at the same time! Of course, i’m so gonna Push myself to study alot alot more! Junheng, you can do it! WOOOHS!

& There’s Choir tomorrow… Yay or not to Yay..

Maybe i should not even watch American Idol? I wanna try doing my Art. Or should i do tomorrow. I just have the feeling to draw, Infact i have the feeling to do my art everyday. Just that whenever i wanna draw, some proportions arent right! Ugh! I shall do it tomorrow after choir. Later do compre!


~ by junheng on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “I need my Weekly Dosage of MOVIES.”

  1. haha your very random to put this photo! haha xD

    // Reply ;
    LOL! Kinda. Just put for fun loe, if not no pictures to put XX=

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