PSA Day 3 !

Aww, PSA ended. Everything was fun ((:
I’m more or less motivated to study already! Woohs. Or at least, i’ve learnt a lot of stuff about stuff which i didnt know about, including my personality, what kind of learner am i and so on. It was a really fun and enriching experience in this 3 days! It was FUN, Tiring, motivating & FUN! HAHAS!

At least we got our best and fun Coach Elgin along with Coach Natalie & Coach Rachel for the Sec 5s & I believe that Sec 5s bonded more than usual too! Woohs 😉 This 3 days was seriously, F-U-N! All the slapping of Thighs, Energizer and jokes! FUN FUN FUN!. HAHAS!

Anyway, had a Parent thingy at around 7 just now. Though Papa Pitt & Mama Jolie didnt appear cause they had a really bad rainstorm back at Hollywood, but still I enjoyed every minute With the translation. Cheesy.

&& i can’t send pictures from my phone to comp, still can’t find my Card reader. zZzZz. I’ll try showing it another day. But i still looked stupid in the picture! Shouldnt have said “Coooool”. Should have smiled right?! LOL! X=


~ by junheng on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “PSA Day 3 !”

  1. aHA! Smart ah..

    I told u all to say ‘Cool’ but figured out it would look weird. So I just smiled. Glad to know you learned. Press on! wordpress..

  2. … ! LOL! Wah lao, Track my blog.. I Still put Password on my previous post so you can’t see my blog link la! DANG! LOL! Anyway, Thanks for the 3 days ((:

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