What is déjà vu, you might ask.

Okay, PSA was really fun today too! (:

Coach Elgin was really funny, funnier than Coach Sabrina X= But still, Coach Elgin was funnier ((:
Anyway, i’ve discovered that i’ve got an “I” Personality. It’s quite true actually. Personality “I” Is Mr Bean, Stephen Chow and some other Comedian. It’s basically some funny and crazy and whacky people! It’s true true, at least my friends think so too. LOL! But i dont see myself SCREAMING to everyone saying that, ” IM ANGRY! ” “Im SAD!” Or something, I only express through what i do. Okay, it sounds that way. X=

& Im an Audio learner. Okay, i sort of knew that cause my Tuition teacher said that before. LOL!
& I’m definitely not much of a VISUAL learner.
& I think im somehow a kinesthetic leaner, i guess. Whenever i study or memorise something, i’ll hold up my paper and start walking in circles or around my room and start talking.

So, im more of Audio and somehow kinesthetic learner (:

Anyway, i’m gonna Live My Dream!
When i grow up,
I wanna be famous,
I wanna be a star,
I wanna be in movies!

I wrote that onto the “Dreams” mahjong paper. HAHAS! & After writing, i started screaming, ” I’m GONNA LIVE MY DREAM! WOO HOO!” LOL!
It was just kidding anyhow. HAHAS!

So, anyway, I did do something today. Sort of Homework? I did my art stuff!
Did my research on ‘O’ Levels art topic. Wells, I’ve somehow decided onto *MASKS*. I initially chose Marine Life but i dont really have any idea now. & When i started staying onto topic, MASKS, Ideas keep popping out. & When i start, i can’t really stop! Woohs! Now, i’ve got quite a number of ideas already ((:
SO happy with some results.

But sometimes, what i wanna draw is like super hard to draw =.= The idea like so cool, then after that can’t draw cause too hard. LOL! I’ll still try and figure out here and there again since i didnt attend the last Art class. Hmms.

& i somehow can relate myself to masks, SOMEHOW.

Okay, I’ve just searched for my Personality. It’s more info! Anyway, it should be really long. So, if you’re not even interested dont look kay (:

If you are an I personality type, you are concerned about COMMUNICATION and PEOPLE.

  • You are optimistic, charming, and outgoing.
  • You are a “people person.”
  • You genuinely like people, and you want them to like you.
  • You trust people and enjoy bringing out their best.
  • You are a consummate communicator. You enjoy telling stories and you tend to exaggerate.
  • You enjoy meeting new people, working with others, and networking.
  • You tend to ignore the rules (since you don’t think they really apply to you).
  • You are energized by working with people and you energize any group you work with.
  • You see the “big picture” and you can be inspirational.
  • You dislike details and you can be scattered.

You are energized by…

  • Working with people in a fast-paced, varied environment
  • Being in the spotlight (not necessarily being in charge)
  • Tackling new projects and learning new things
  • Gaining public recognition
  • Initiating change and being able to be creative

You lose energy by…

  • Being around negative, cold, or pessimistic people
  • Performing routine, detailed tasks
  • Being held to rigid schedules
  • Working alone
  • Feeling left out
  • Being criticized in public(SO TRUE! =.=)

At your best you can…

  • Communicate a vision, mission, or goal in a way that inspires others to adopt it and work toward achieving it.
  • Be enthusiastic and creative.
  • See the best in others and you help them believe in their abilities.

You can be a visionary, a motivator, a catalyst.

When you are stressed out, you can…

  • Shirk your homework, relying on your ability to talk your way out of any trouble.
  • Lack follow — through, rarely finishing what you begin. You can overpromise and underdeliver.
  • Be superficial and glib.
  • At your worst, you can be a gossip, a blow hard, a light weight.

To be your best…

  • Develop time management skills.
  • Listen. Question. Pause. Consider.
  • Be more discriminating. Learn how to appraise people more realistically.
  • Resist the urge to do something new. Rein in your impulsiveness.

Cultivate perseverance. Become more reflective.

What NOT to do around an I personality type…

  • Bore them with details.
  • Freeze them out. Exclude them. Make them feel like an outsider.
  • Ignore their ideas.
  • Expect them to cope well with bureaucracy.

HAHAS! I just had to put the” WHAT NOT TO DO AROUND an I personality type”! LOL!
SOmehow true right? You decide.


//EDITED! MUAHAHAHHAS! Cause i found out that From Google, you type “C**** Elgin C**** Sabrina”, the first link is already my blog. Somemore this is supposedly a more private blog than my Blogger blog. LOL! So, I’ve not wrote the *C* word. LOL! But you still wont know if Google update fast not.
BUT C.E still can track trhough his history file what. HAHAHAHHAS!
Okay, BYE!

~ by junheng on January 13, 2009.

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