Im In Full Control of,


& there’s a spam tag, it’s supposed to be a *Spam* tag since its in my Spam comment section. It’s saying that im fat… Yeah, i know la! But you no need to repeat what i say. & i dont know who that is, since it’s some lame message and the message contain what’s on my post, its almost like copy and paste my post and added only a line, ” Jun heng is fat … … “
LOL! Like seriously, i wont bother finding who you are out. I mean, unless you’re my friend who’s playing a trick on me. Or else i dont even give a damn about you unknowns cause i can either APPROVE or DISAPPROVE you Bitches’s Comment. HAHAS!  Anyway, Keep’em coming. & i was thinking who could it be? It was sent at 4am in the morning today… It’s either just an advertisement msg or some lunatics & Obviously, it cant really be my friends. Aiyah, seriously. SO WHAT? Im still a ROCKSTAR! I’ve got my ROCK MOVES & I DONT NEED YOU!!


Anyway, had our motivational talk,PSA. But she insisted its not to motivate us But still, it’s called a motivational talk anyway. I Think Coach Sabrina is a really lame but really funny person! I havent seen any of her jokes before. What Butterfly, Housefly, Whatever(bold, Italic).  Somehow funny right? (:

& we got to see them get back their O levels results today. I somehow feel a little motivated to study hard especially seeing those that really work hard but somehow didnt get what they expected results. I think im gonna study everyday starting from today onwards, RUSH back home after school and open my textbook and start MUGGING until 11pm then i sleep. Yeah right, if i ever study for 3 hours continuous, i’d go bonkers! & It’s better to study at a Category 2 instead of 1, or else i’ll have to consider Stoning an important thing to do already! LOL. & I always have reasons to move around if im studying. But still, im gonna start studying after Chinese New Year, I promise! & Of course, i’ll have to finish my Tuition homework which is starting from my basics! Yaay! I need a good base or else my top will crumble, right? X=

So, PSA will be until Wednesday night. I’m happy because ___________. Anyway, i really hope i feel motivated to study after the whole PSA! Motivate me, POLICE(Inside Joke).

BRING it On, βîτςΗ

~ by junheng on January 12, 2009.

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