You better say NO to animal cruelty. I saw this video of some animals being abused just to get fur because its in high Demand right now to make all your wallets, purses and whatever. BITCH, i freaking watch half a minute of that video and i stopped, i can’t stand to watch it anymore, it’s freaking disgusting(I freakin meant those people killing it)! They freaking THROW the animal onto the floor HARDLY. This people disgusts me can, i seriously can’t watch animals being ABUSED. Its damn disgusting… …

So, you better say NO to Animal Cruelty, i’d probably show you this video some other time. Or you could just type ” Animal Cruelty ” Or “Animal Cruelty For Fur” onto Youtube. I bet you could find lots of videos, i guess.

Anyway, i saw another video about people abandoning their dogs and cats which leads them to severe injuries or even DEATH! Because its about dogs, i got teary while watching those videos. Seriously, although i see other animals getting abused, i feel really sad, like seriously can tear anytime. But for dogs, i feel more emotional then the others, I have a dog at home, what do you expect? Those dogs in the video was like all bony and Injured really badly(eyes were bloody, can’t stand up due to lack of nutrition etc..), it’s damn sad la! Wah lao, If you dont wanna take good care of your pets, you dont even freaking Get them. If you get them and find that they aren’t good enough of whatever, SEND them to SPCA, it’s HELLA LOT better than ABANDONING THEM IN STREETS and let them suffer w/o food to eat. It’s really sad to see those animals on the streets with their bones which can be seen detailed-ly. So, If you think you dont have the RESPONSIBILITY to Adopt a pet, YOU BETTER DONT! Dont just because they’re cute and adopt them, You better Treat them with good care and spend time with them, They’re all living creatures, LIKE US! It’s alot of responsibility to take care of an animal, i tell you.

It’s really scary that there’s people in this world who treats their pets like PESTS and start ABUSING them.
For those who have animals at home, do take good care of your pets alright? 😉
For those who dont have animals at home and planning to get one, you know it takes up alot of time to take care of a pet and you better have the patience and responsibilty before getting a pet.

For those who have been Treating their pet BADLY, You’ll get your DESERTS, NO, Deserts sounds TOO DELICIOUS, YOU”LL GET YOUR RETRIBUTION SOON, YOU BITCH!

SO now,


~ by junheng on January 10, 2009.

One Response to “NO to ANIMAL CRUELTY, BITCH!”

  1. I applaud you for standing up against Animal cruelty. Well done boy!

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