New Year’s Resolution

I know its kind of late to post my New year’s resolution but it’s better than never right?

So, i’ll just post like a few?

  • I wanna stay healthy throughout the year’09, Not falling sick easily!
  • Drink more water per day & Eat healthier. & Cut down on Junk food and Fried stuff.
  • Stay awake and listen in class, i know i’ve been staying awake in class every year but i do not guarantee that this year i’ll stay awake, AND Not only staying awake, i need to LISTEN!
  • Sleep by 11 every night or at most 1130!
  • Be prepared and perservere in O levels. Getting good grades is another thing, More importantly is you did your best and you studied well for it.
  • Try not to gain more than 2kg by next year!
  • NOT TO HAVE ANY WHITE HAIR!(But i can’t control right?) RMB, calm down and DO YOGA when im stressed out. *OHMMMMM*

Speaking of Weight, I’m a freaking 50kg now la, okay. I just took using my house’s the digital one and they said its 49.9kg! YAY! A NUMber 4 is better than a 5! I gained 2 kg over 1 year and I’ve ONLY grown 2cm over 1 year!
That’s like IMPOSSIBLE can! How can i ONLY grow 2cm? It’s like i feel like im at least 173 or 175, not a freakin 171! Something must be WRONG! But i do believe in my weight, since i’ve been eating like a pig everyday. I guess i should rejoice that it’s a 2kg and not a 20kg! Hahas!

Anyway, it’s almost 1030 alr, i better start getting used to sleeping before 11/1130! Cya another day soon!

P.S : i know i said i’ll blog about my classspot blog but i havent got my pictures from Yueli, another day kay (:

~ by junheng on January 10, 2009.

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