I was blown away.

Okay, so i’ve kind of decided to change to WordPress although i haven’t really posted anything about this web onto my blogger yet, since its not working for me now =.= Kinda sucks, whenever i feel like blogging, i just can’t post anything. Sometimes, i wrote a whole lot of stuff just ready to press ” PUBLISH “, and suddenly it doesnt appear onto my blog. YAY! how cool. zzz

Anyway, i got a Blog in school! How cool is that! I’m gonna show you a picture of my blog tomorrow yeah! It’s really cute and creative okay! HAHAS!

FYI, i wont be blogging as much as last time. I’ll only blog when some things interesting happens. I guess i could almost put this must-blog-everyday attitude to a rest now.  Give me a minute to catch my breath… … … Phew, thanks! Hahas, its not that im really busy but sometimes im just too tired, almost every afternoon when i reach home, my eyes threaten to die on me although i’d most likely want to stay awake. I’m probably worn off with all the school work and being hyper all day. Yes, i study in class now, at least not as talkertive as the past few years. I’ve copied down notes, listened to teacher and do my homework. I’d care less if im not taking Os this year.

Oh, speaking of Homework, i forgot i have to do my maths homework! Shit, i know it’s due tomorrow but im still not gonna do today,  I cant think straight now, im tired! I’ll of course try my best to hand in tomorrow, i’ll probably try to rush everything by tomorrow.

It’s 9:46pm only and im already shitass tired. I’m just gonna rest and watch TV before i sleep at around 11pm. Oh, there’s PE tomorrow, I dont even know if my shirt still fits me or not, and my shorts too! Dang, if i can’t wear anything, i guess i’ll wear my Scorpion Tee and my shorts will most probably fit in just nice. Anyway, i guess tomorrow is just Height & Weight taking. I Think i’ve added like 10kg more, i’ve been eating non-stop everyday! FAT, shall slim down now.

& Im going Ngee Ann poly for open house or something. Yay! So happy, cause _____________.

You know you love me,


~ by junheng on January 8, 2009.

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